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Thu 28 Sep 2017
Of Norway & Stave Churches
7pm - 8.30pm
£7.50 pp inc. glass of wine or soft drink
A richly illustrated talk in the Conservatory at Scampston, giving some insights into both the country and the incredible early mediaeval wooden Stave churches of Norway.
Mike and Catherine Stallybrass

Michael (whose mother was Norwegian) and his wife Catherine have travelled extensively throughout Norway, at all seasons of the year.  Both have a deep interest in the Mediaeval church, and now help to run U3A seasons of study days on aspects of the Mediaeval Church, which began as a Leeds University course. 

They have previously undertaken a three-week research trip in 2014, facilitated by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, during which they visited almost all the Stave Churches in Norway.  On this, and during other trips, they have had some rare and privileged access, including to the spectacular Stave Church at Urness, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

They both graduated from the University of Cambridge.  Michael now works for railways worldwide as a specialist Operations Consultant.  Catherine whose degree was in Archaeology, is a textile specialist with a particular focus on Saxon and Viking textiles, and now produces reproduction textiles for both museums and re-enactors.
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