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Walled Garden Testimonials & Quotes

"Although still very young, with hedging and topiary elements not yet grown completely, this is already a thrilling garden full of thought-provoking and playful ideas."
Ursula Buchan, The English Garden - Summer 2006
The Walled Garden at Scampston "is really imaginative and creative and a marvellous use of space….It is without doubt one of the great gardens of the early 21st century."
Sir Richard Carew Pole, President of the RHS - September 2005
"Oudolf has made a rhythmic contemporary garden which complements the period house and landscape garden….Sharply clipped hedging planted in waves set off the Oudolf signature style of extravagantly wild and colourful perennial planting….It's bold and beautiful - a must if you are heading to Yorkshire."
Caroline Foley, Toparius - Summer 2005
"This must be one of the most confident introductions dreamt up for a private garden open to the public…..Each garden is audacious and brilliant….Scampston amazes with the virtuoso performance of its plantings."
Tania Compton, House & Garden - May 2005
"The vision of Sir Charles and Lady Legard - as bold and brave as the garden itself, in realising a contemporary design in a historic setting - is to be applauded, as it will set standards for 21st century gardens for many years to come."
Carrie McArdle, The Garden - November 2004
"The observation mount is where past and present meet. From this grassy pyramid, set high above the garden in true 18th century tradition, you can finally see the new design mapped out in its entirety. This is the next chapter in a long garden tradition - and one well worth a visit."
Dan Pearson, The Daily Telegraph - September 2004
"In a nutshell, Oudolf has filled the 4.5 acre garden with a series of hedged enclosures…within this framework he offers a dazzling display of modern planting, structure, form and space handling. The garden is a gem."
Stephen Anderton, The Times - August 2004
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