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Geocache for Capability Brown

Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt for the digital generation.  Geocachers can seek out hidden goodies in the landscape guided by a GPS enabled device. To try it out you need  a smartphone with a geocaching app. Two sites that provide these free of charge are here and here

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown changed the face of eighteenth century England, designing country estates and mansions, moving hills and making flowing lakes and serpentine rivers, a magical world of green. In 1773 Sir William, the 5thSt Quintin Baronet, engaged ‘Capability’ Brown to redesign the parkland at Scampston in a ‘naturalistic’ scheme which was the height of fashion. This amazing landscape was captured in a series of watercolours c. 1790 by the Yorkshire artist Francis Nicholson.

The Palladian Bridge at Scampston by Francis NicholsonInspired by these paintings, modern day printmaker, Hester Cox  has created a series of prints based on the Capability Brown landscape at Scampston.  These take geocachers on a journey through the parkland to discover key viewpoints, vistas, buildings and natural features.

To learn how to get started with geocaching click here.

Each hidden cache box includes a print stamp that can be collected on a free stamp sheet which is available at the ticket office. Click on the name of each cache below to visit the geocaching website and get the cache co-ordinates:

or click here.

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