Exhibition, Garden Café
Tue 18 Jun 2019 - Sun 18 Aug 2019
Angela Bell exhibits 'Spring and Autumn Splendour'
10am - 5pm daily
Angela focuses on Spring and Autumn in her upcoming exhibition with Scampston, inspired by the 'explosion of colour' they bring.

Angela experiments with mixed media and colour to create vibrant landscapes, murals and more. 

'Spring and Autumn' splendour is in part inspired by the colours Angela witnessed during her visits to Scampston, so visitors an enjoy pieces which capture the essence of the garden, featuring beautiful grasses and blooms. 

A recent trip to Japan has also provided inspiration for Angela's work, with the spring cherry blossom featuring prominently.



Booking Information
No booking required. Simply enjoy some time in the Walled Garden Cafe, free of charge.

Contact Details
Contact Name: Anna Walker
Email: anna@scampston.co.uk
Phone: 01944759111