Walled Garden, Conservatory, Outdoor Event, Families
Sun 18 Oct 2020
Family Fun: Creatures of the Night
£7.50 per child (adults free)
Join us for an evening session that introduces the mysterious world of nocturnal animals, including bats, moths and birds!

We will explore the sights and sounds of nocturnal wildlife and become nature detectives as we learn about the tracks and signs left by creatures of the night.

We will head out for a nature safari, learn how to use bat detectors and, if the weather is kind, hope to have some real live moths for you to meet.

Important note - nocturnal animals are wild so we can't guarantee sightings. Please bring appropriate clothing and a torch.

Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Booking Information
Tickets must be purchased online in advance.

Contact Details
Contact Name: Simon Roe
Email: simon.roe@scampston.co.uk
Phone: 01944 753 105