Walled Garden
Wed 24 Apr 2024 - Fri 26 Apr 2024
Personal Plant Shopping
10am - 4:30pm
Get your garden growing with expert advice from our knowledgable garden team completely free of charge!

Our Personal Plant Shopping experience allows you to book a half-hour slot with a member of our knowledgeable garden team, completely free of charge. Simply reserve your spot via the 'Book Tickets' link and embark on a tailored journey through our stunning collection of plants. 

How It Works: During your 30-minute session, our expert horticulturists will guide you through your selections, helping you identify any gaps in your current landscape and offering personalised recommendations to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you're searching for vibrant perennials, lush foliage, or fragrant blooms, we're here to make your gardening dreams a reality.

Expert Advice: Our garden team is passionate about plants and dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience is both enjoyable and informative. From soil conditions to sun exposure, we'll provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you select the perfect additions for your garden.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your garden with Scampston's finest plants and advice! Book your Personal Plant Shopping experience today and let our garden team help you create a landscape that's truly extraordinary.

Please note, there is no fee for this service and while there is no minimum spend requirement we do expect anyone booking for this service will buy plants as a result. 


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