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Thu 08 Sep 2022 - Thu 13 Oct 2022
Rhodes Roots & Remedies
2pm - 4pm
£150 for 6-week course (includes light refreshments)
Join this 6-week course to learn about herbal remedies for health and home.

Have you ever wondered if there was something behind all those traditional remedies - borage for courage, peppermint tea for an upset stomach? Are you keen to explore natural alternatives to treating common ailments? Would you like to learn practical ways to use what you have growing in your herb garden?

Join Meghan Rhodes, qualified herbal medicine practitioner and founder of Rhodes Roots & Remedies, on a six week journey as she guides you through a selection of herbs and remedies, as well as how to work with them.

Each week, we will:
• Learn new herbs, understand their uses, and how they’re referenced in herbal literature
• Make a different type of remedy together, which you’ll be able to take home, so you will feel confident making them yourself
• Provide a booklet with the profiles of the herbs we’re covering in that session, the recipe for the remedy we make in class, complimentary recipes you can easily make on your own, and room for notes.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
• Make six types of herbal remedies
• Be familiar with 18 herbs and their uses
• Use reference books on herbal medicine to research remedies to other ailments on your own
• Have the confidence to continue exploring natural remedies.

In the autumn/winter series, we’ll be exploring seasonal herbs under the following themes: Tummy Tonics, Immune Boosters, Breathe Easy, Nourished Skin, Stress Relief, and Holiday Help.

Course booking is for the six week block with dates and times as follows:
• Thurs, 8 Sept 2-4pm
• Thurs, 15 Sept 2-4pm
• Thurs, 22 Sept 2-4pm
• Thurs, 29 Sept 2-4pm
• Thurs, 6 Oct 2-4pm
• Thurs, 13 Oct 2-4pm

The course will be run in the beautifully restored Victorian conservatory in the stunning Scampston Hall Walled Garden.

About the Instructor

Meghan is a qualified herbal medicine practitioner based in rural East Yorkshire. In her practice, she blends Western Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic principles, alongside her own organic medicinal herb garden, to provide the best herbal support for each of her clients. She has trained for multiple years under the top herbalists in the UK & Ireland, including Anne McIntyre & Nikki Darrell.

N.B. All information reviewed in this course is based on traditional uses and practices for personal use and is not in any way intended to provide medical advice or substitute for diagnosis or prescriptions from medical practitioners.

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Phone: 01944 753105