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Thu 12 Oct 2017
The Immersive Experience with Nigel Dunnett
10am - 4.30pm
In association with Gardens Illustrated, Scampston Conservatory will be hosting a full day workshop with renowned garden designer Nigel Dunnett. The workshop will explore the immersive experience: dynamic planting design at the human scale

This workshop will take a very personal look at Nigel's planting design philosophy and approach, drawing key principles from his studies of the dynamics and character of beautiful and dramatic wild vegetation, and translating those principles into creating ever-changing plantings with year-round appeal. He will explain his methods of using colour and structure in successional layers of planting. The workshop will be fully illustrated with a wide range of examples of Nigel's work, from the large through to the very smallest, but all created with the aim of creating an intimate and immersive experience of 'enhanced nature'. The day will include a tour of the gardens at Scampston. 

The workshop will run from 10am to 4.30pm including a two-course lunch. Coffee will be available beforehand from 9.30am and tea and cake afterwards from 4.30pm, so there will be plenty of time to wander around the Walled Garden and buy plants. 

Tickets can be purchased online: www.gardenmasterclass.org

Nigel Dunnett is a Professor of Planting Design, Urban Horticulture and Vegetation Technology in the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield. He has pioneered the use of innovative approaches to landscape planting, and in the multi-functional use of vegetation in the built environment. 

Together with his colleague, Professor James Hitchmough, they have established a body of research and practice relating to the use of ‘designed plant communities’ in a wide range of urban contexts. Their approach, typified by workable, sustainable solutions for public space, with high public appeal, and rich in biodiversity, has come to be known as ‘The Sheffield School’ of planting design. The emphasis is on simple maintenance, and a careful consideration of the various layers within a planting, and successional flowering of a planting over a long period. The key element is an understanding of the ‘horticultural ecology’ of designed plantings, and working with ‘plant communities’ that are suited to site conditions, and which mimic the processes in ‘natural’ vegetation.

Nigel has regularly staged main show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show (Gold Medal 2013) and also created the RHS garden at Chelsea in 2017.  www.nigeldunnett.com

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Tickets can be bought online: www.gardenmasterclass.org

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