Walled Garden, Exhibition, Garden Café
Wed 24 Aug 2022 - Sun 30 Oct 2022
Yaz & Barbara exhibit Autumn Exhibition
10am - 5pm
This Autumn, we're showcasing a very unique exhibition in the Garden Cafe, featuring artwork that has been collaboratively created by mother/child duo, Barbara Taylor-Gell and Yaz Ebrahim.

This exhibition has been collaboratively created by a mother/child duo, Barbara Taylor-Gell and Yaz Ebrahim, to showcase a world of fantastic figures in strange yet recognisable settings.

Each painting starts as one of Yaz's pencil drawings on board. History, mythology and fantasy are combined to create unique works, with inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch and Ivan Bilibin. Barbara then brings the drawings to life as acrylic paintings.

Yaz occasionally gives guidance, but each painting is largely down to Barbara’s interpretation. The drawings are so complex that it is often only in the painting of them that the rich and idiosyncratic details emerge. The mother/child partnership draws on a shared understanding of Yaz’s influences.

The paintings show a world of fantastic figures, often in masks and sumptuous costumes, in strange yet recognisable settings. They encourage individual viewer engagement and interpretation.

About the Artists

Yaz has a degree in Historical Archaeology, and works as a Museum Guide for York Museums Trust. They have always drawn, but it was their mum Barbara’s insistence that these drawings had an audience beyond the family that led to this collaboration. Their Autism diagnosis does not define them, but plays a part in the obsessive collecting of knowledge and ideas.

Barbara has come to painting later in life. Following university, she spent 13 years in Africa, returning to the UK in 1999. Her position as an FE Art and Design tutor ended in 2018. Chronic illness has a huge impact on her life, but making art allows a connection with the world.

Booking Information
No booking required. The exhibition is free to visit in the Walled Garden Cafe.

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Phone: 01944 759111
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