Walled Garden, Exhibition, Garden Café
Wed 25 Aug 2021 - Sun 31 Oct 2021
Isobel Rooke exhibits 'Inside: Outside'
10am - 5pm
This Autumn, artist Isobel Rooke exhibits ‘Inside:Outside’ in the Garden Café, which uses a vibrant colour palette to showcase her landscape and wildlife pieces that are inspired by her home in Yorkshire.
white horse

Inside: Outside

Isobel Rooke’s exhibition follows her creative journey during a year of lockdown. She has sought inspiration from the every-day inside her home, as well as using her imagination to reach outside the walls – through memories of past travels and foreign creatures. Her eclectic mix of still life, landscape and animal paintings use a vibrant palette in an effort to brighten what has otherwise been a year of monotony and sadness for so many.

Now based in Yarm, Isobel works from home, primarily in acrylics. She takes an experimental approach with her work, using a variety of styles and degrees of abstraction.

Having previously worked at Scampston, she is delighted to have the opportunity to return to exhibit as it is a place she remembers very fondly.

The exhibition will show a diverse range of her work and prints. Cards will also be available.

For more information or to get in touch: www.Isobelrooke.co.uk

Website www.isobelrooke.co.uk
Instagram @isobelrookeart
Facebook @isobelrookeart
Email info@isobelrooke.co.uk

Booking Information
No booking required. The exhibition is free to visit in the Walled Garden Cafe.

Contact Details
Contact Name: Anna Walker
Email: anna@scampston.co.uk
Phone: 01944 759111
Postal Address:
Estate Office, Scampston Walled Garden