Our Christmas Tree Guide: How to choose the perfect tree
Date posted: 21 November 2020
Norway Spruce or Nordman Fir? Take a look at our tree guide for advice on choosing the perfect tree!

When it comes to choosing a real Christmas tree, which type do you choose – Nordman Fir or Norway Spruce? Our tree guide below explores these two tree varieties, how to choose the perfect tree, and advice on how to care for your tree.

A brief history of Christmas trees in the UK

In Britain, the first Christmas tree was introduced by Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, in the 1800s who brought this wonderful tradition over from her native country of Germany. Christmas tree traditions in Germany can be dated back as far as medieval times, where families hung apples from the branches of fir trees to symbolise Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

After the death of Queen Charlotte in 1818, Christmas trees had grown hugely popular in Britain as a festive Victorian tradition and were decorated with sweets, candles, and homemade decorations.

Nordman Fir or Norway Spruce – which is the best to choose?
We think that choosing a real Christmas tree is one of the best parts of the festive season. So, what should you consider when buying your tree? Take a look at the two varieties in more detail.

The Norway Spruce is known as the ‘Father of Christmas Trees’. This tree variety is very traditional in style. Its main characteristics are:

o A spectacular shape with lots of branches, a great option for hanging all those decorations
o It has a very natural, Christmassy scent for creating a festive atmosphere in your home
o This tree variety has sharp needles so can be spikey to touch

Who does this tree suit?
With its classic shape and festive scent, the Norway Spruce is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a traditional Christmas style.

Care Guide
We suggest buying your Norway Spruce closer to Christmas as they do drop their needles quicker than the Nordman Fir. To reduce any needle-dropping, make sure to keep the tree away from any radiators and water it every day.

The Nordman Fir is the most popular of tree varieties. Some of its main features are:

o Unlike the Norway Spruce, it has soft needles and an even shape, which makes decorating it easier
o The needles are dark and polished with a wintery light-blue underside
o This tree has strong branches – perfect for hanging bigger decorations

Who does this tree suit?
With soft foliage and strong branches, the Nordman Fir is perfect for families with children who enjoy a festive tree-decorating activity.

Care Guide
You will need a larger space to fit this tree in your home as it is wider than the Norway Spruce (example: for a 7ft tall tree, allow around 6ft space).


Norway Spruce or Nordman Fir? We love both varieties for very different reasons! Whether you enjoy that traditional Christmas feel or appreciate a family tree-decorating experience, these are two brilliant options to choose from.

Want a print-friendly version of our tree guide? Download our PDF below!

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