The Palladian Bridge Reopens!
Date posted: 22 July 2018
Scampston Hall’s iconic Palladian Bridge has been restored to its former glory.

Scampston’s Palladian Bridge, designed by landscape architect ‘Capability’ Brown in the late eighteenth century, reopens to the public after a six-month restoration project supported by Natural England.

This multi-faceted project saw the pillars of the bridge stripped of their sand finish, repaired and repainted. The back wall was also repointed and repainted, while extensive repairs and re-leading to the roof took place to provide long-term preservation. The lead decorations to the bridge were also reworked to ensure those all-important details were retained.

The core structure of the bridge is, perhaps surprisingly to many, made from wood. Each stage of the restoration process was done using materials and techniques sensitive to the age and heritage of the structure. Managed by building conservator Nigel Copsey and conservation builder Sam Baxter, the project was carried out with tremendous care and attention to detail.

Chris Legard, owner of Scampston Hall commented: “We are so grateful to the support of Natural England which has enabled us to make such drastic improvements to the landscape here at Scampston, with both the Lake and the Palladian Bridge. We are hopeful that all our visitors will be able to fully appreciate Capability Brown’s vision for Scampston, restored to its original splendour. Through giving the bridge a little care and attention now, we hope that we will be able to preserve it for future generations.”


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