The whole world is a stage!
Date posted: 16 July 2016
‘All the world’s a stage…’ especially Scampston Hall! An open air production of As You Like It will was performed by the Three Inch Fools in the gardens of Scampston Hall on Friday 15th July.
Joining forces with travelling theatre company The Three Inch Fools, Scampston Hall hosted  an evening of Shakespearean comedy on the 15th July. Shakespeare’s As You Like It was staged in the Hall gardens.

Chris Legard, owner of Scampston Hall, commented, “The performance was exceptional - both the acting and directing were superb, and a really original take on the play. The whole audience was chuckling all evening, even the Shakespeare 'doubters' in the crowd!

“This is the first time that Scampston has hosted an outdoor theatre production such as this, but we could think of no better way to mark 400 years of Shakespeare.

“The Three Inch Fools are gaining rave reviews as they tour the country, with their exuberant take on the Bard’s plays. In the words of the man himself: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’”

James Hyde, co-founder of The Three Inch Fools, said: “We are a troupe of five actors with musical instruments who travel around the country performing Shakespeare. We bring a fresh and vibrant approach to Britain’s best loved playwright, with live music-making and bold story-telling. In the 400th anniversary of Shakepeare’s death, we want to take his plays back to their lively raucous roots!”   

Theatre-goers were encouraged to bring picnics and warm clothing. Thankfully the skies cleared and it became a beautiful evening. 

The Three Inch Fools will return to Scampston next year with an equally comical take on Twelfth Night - watch this space!