Top 5 Gardening Jobs This Month: January
Date posted: 08 January 2021
Stuck on where to start with your garden this January? Read here to find out our top 5 jobs to do this month!
Take care of your delicate plants
Make sure to protect any tender plants that have been left outside over winter, even in mild areas. These plants should be taken into the greenhouse or conservatory by the beginning of January. In colder areas, it is wise to move your plants as early as autumn.

TIP: During colder spells, you can protect your non frost-proof containers with hessian or fleece (or even bubble wrap) to prevent the pots from cracking.

Time to sow and plant
Some seeds and plants, such as sweet peas, can be sown as early as January. If you have sown your sweet peas in the autumn, they can now be potted and placed on a sunny windowsill or in your greenhouse for plenty of light. Remember not to disturb the roots too much when transferring them!

January is also the last time to sow certain seeds that need the frost to germinate, such as native tree seeds and alpine plants.

General garden maintenance
Even though it’s cold outside, January is a great time to start raking up any winter debris and leaves off your borders to keep them nice and tidy for spring. You can also dig up any weedy areas in your beds ready for mulching in the spring. Don’t let the cold weather stop you – get out there and tidy tidy tidy!!

Container plants
If you have any pots and containers in your garden, make sure that they are kept tidy and regularly cut back excess debris. You can also mulch your pots with compost or grit. If you have pots that are sheltered by roofs or balconies, make sure that these are watered and don’t let them dry out. You will know if they needs watering by checking whether the top compost feels dry at a hand’s depth.

Plan Plan Plan!
January is the perfect month to start planning ahead and stocking up on tools and equipment that you might need for the year ahead. Stock up on useful items like string, stakes, and canes to use later in the year and begin choosing your spring planting or summer-flowering bulbs, bedding and herbaceous perennials.