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Scampston Christmas Trees
Scampston Christmas Trees
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Christmas Trees from Scampston Estate

We are open for Christmas tree sales from the  27th November Click here for our opening times at our two different retail locations.

 We have been growing Christmas trees for direct sale to the public in North Yorkshire for decades on our farms at Scampston, near Malton, and also at Lowthorpe, near Driffield.

Nigel Harrison, our head woodsman, and his team aim to produce the finest Christmas trees straight from our plantations. They take great pride in their thorough approach to growing and caring for our crop. Each year the young trees are meticulously hand shaped and pruned in order to encourage the tree to branch and gradually achieve the full appearance of a perfectly proportioned Christmas tree.

Growing takes years of investment, constant skill and careful management over several years to produce a quality Christmas tree - they take up to 2 years for each 1ft of growth.

We grow two species, the traditional Norway Spruce and the needle-holding Nordmann Fir, in a wide variety of sizes.

Christmas trees in snowThe trees at our farm are from a renewable resource. When a tree is harvested, another is planted in its place, ensuring the production of our trees is entirely sustainable. They also benefit the environment by helping to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and are a haven for a wide variety of wild life. Unlike their artificial non bio-degradable counterparts, real Christmas trees can be recycled and turned into useful mulch or compost.

So visit us at any of our two retail locations and treat yourself to one of North Yorkshire's finest fresh and real Christmas trees this winter.

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