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Please note, during the Hall open season (May 21st – Aug 6th) places on Hall tours are limited. Book ahead to ensure you can go on the Hall tour of your choice - either 1pm, 2pm or 3pm. 

Ticket options for visitors to the Walled Garden include the following options:
  • Walled Garden Only
  • Walled Garden & Parkland Trails
  • Scampston Hall, Walled Garden & Parkland Trails 
Please be careful to select the correct option. If booking a Hall tour, please make sure you choose the correct time slot. 

To book tickets for specific events, please visit our Events Diary. 

"The Walled Garden at Scampston is really imaginative and creative and a marvellous use of space. It is without doubt one of the great gardens of the early 21st century."
Sir Richard Carew Pole
"Good activities to keep the children entertained whilst their parents enjoy the gardens. The butterfly challenge is excellent and we all learnt something. A huge thank you! "
Kay, North Yorkshire